Anybody Who Wants A House In Cuba Enters Into A 75-Year-Lease Agreement

Unless stipulated in the previous article, ships entering or leaving The bays of Guantanamo and Bahia Honda within the borders of Cuban territory are subject exclusively to Cuban laws and authorities and orders made by the Cuban national authority with respect to port police, customs or health, and the United States authorities must not obstruct the boarding and departure of these vessels. except in the event of war. What is the allowable amount of the house rent increase from Php 7,500.00 after one year? The house is located in the NCR. Even if I want to use the house for personal use after the end of the one-year contract, how will I inform the owner? Is it written and the document notarized? How long can I ask them to be evacuated? ”A family member would come to our office and say that another family member is not receiving his benefits,” said Javier Correoso, assistant to the former Rep. David Rivera from Miami. ”Where is he? They would say, ”He`s in Cuba and he hasn`t been back for six months.” A complaint filed in 2012 claimed that a 75-year-old woman had moved to Camaguey two years earlier and that a relative had withdrawn her SSI money from a bank account and sent it to her. Social Security suspended payments, but not before nearly $16,000 was deposited into his account. Because of the practices of the Cuban government, the price of a lease for a house is usually based on the tenant`s income, not on the value of the house. The person would have paid for the house for a price of about 10% of his income over 20-30 years, just like a mortgage in the United States. The property would then belong to that person for a period of 75 years.

I would like to discuss the current situation, especially the one we have been renting for 29 years. Our owner wants to sell the place. I agree. After a week, he says he wants the house back. Because of offering him another person with a higher amount. What do we do? And finally, he said he wanted to use it for the economy. Can you advise me, please? Thank you very much. And if we had already signed an agreement with the presence of a lawyer in our Baranggay, and our tenant also signed and aggreed on them, that if they ever do not pay rent or electricity bill, and the water bill, we will pay them 1mo. give to evacuate the place, but now you do not want to keep this agreement, so we still have the right to drive it away, based on the agreement we agreed? Hello I just want to know what the legal measure is about my problem now. The apartment I wanted to rent has an advance of 1 month and a deposit of 2 months before I move in. Since I didn`t really have any money at the time, I only made a 2 month deposit and promised that I would send the money after 2 days. But after a day, I decided not to rent the house because it was really small.

We haven`t really signed the contract yet, because we haven`t moved yet. Our plan to move is after two days. The secretary never told me that the deposit could not be refunded. When I asked for the money, the secretary told me that the money could not be repaid and that we could no longer get it. Please advise the right under Philippine laws for rental? Money is 15,000phep. Pls, counselor. Thank you for your time Even if Charlie was not an American citizen, there are some things he should consider before having a home in Cuba. When Castro took over in the 1960s, he made all the real estate in the state. This means that no one has a home in Cuba. Instead, a house can be rented by the government for a period of 75 years. I bought a Pag-ibig unit at a discounted price, the unit has a tenant and knows that I am the new owner of the unit, even though we do not rent them from the time I owned the unit.