Ascap License Agreement

We can change this agreement from time to time without notice for any reason. We will provide or report significant changes to services and/or emails, or inform you of these changes when you register – the form of this communication is at our discretion. As soon as we publish or provide such changes to the Services, these changes will take effect immediately and if you use the Services after they come into effect, it means that you agree to be bound by such changes. We advise you to check this agreement regularly and review it on a regular basis so that you are aware of the most current rights and obligations that apply to you. Member Access is an online portal only made available to ASCAP members, which allows members to manage, among other things, their member account, including, but not only, updating their personal data, receiving royalty information, downloading excerpts and recording titles. If you are an ASCAP member and want to use your member`s access, you can activate your member access account by visiting, clicking on the ”Enable Your Account Now” link, and following online instructions. Their use of the Member`s access is provided as part of the Services and is subject to the terms of this Agreement and any additional conditions that may be provided in connection with it. Please note that access to members is currently available free of charge to ASCAP members. However, we use the right to modify or modify the Member Access (including all functions and functions) and/or to collect a fee at any time, at our discretion, for their use. They do not have the right to make available, under laws, regulations or contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, protected or confidential information, obtained or disclosed in the context of a employment relationship or as part of confidentiality agreements), or in any other way, to create a security or data protection risk for any other person or entity; This agreement remains in effect while you use the services. Unless otherwise stated in an agreement between you and ASCAP, you may, for any reason, terminate your use or registration with the Services at any time, for whatever reason, terminate your use or registration of the Services. Even after the end of your use and/or registration, your obligations under this Contract, Privacy Policy and Additional Conditions, including, but not limited, will remain in effect.