Credit Agreement Made At A Distance

3. If, at any time, when a remote contract for the provision of a financial service is in effect, the consumer requests it, the supplier must provide the consumer with the contractual terms printed on paper. The consumer has the right, at any time during the contractual relationship, to obtain the terms of the contract on paper on demand. The consumer also has the right to modify the means of remote communication used, unless this is inconsistent with the contract entered into or the nature of the service provided. the company disclosed the information required in Regulation 10(2) of the advertising rules (approved overdraft contracts) in accordance with the advertising rules and, unless CONC 2.7.12 R otherwise, a copy of the terms of the contract; 4.This regulation applies only to a remote contract for the provision of a financial service concluded after the beginning of those settlements. 1. When information about the provision of a financial service is communicated by telephone, the supplier ensures that the identity of the supplier and the purpose of the telephone call made by the supplier are communicated to the consumer at the beginning of the interview. unless, if not, conc 2.7.12 R applies information with respect to the prospective distance sale contract that accurately reflects the contractual obligations arising from the law applicable to that contract. 3. A right conferred on consumers by these regulations cannot be excluded or reduced by choosing as a law applicable to a remote contract for the provision of a financial service the right of a country or territory that is not a Member State.

This paragraph only applies if the treaty is closely linked to a Member State. 6. A remote contract for the provision of a financial service to a consumer is not applicable to the consumer unless this regulation is complied with. (b) credit contracts terminated under European Communities Regulation 11 (Contracts for Time Sharing of Immovable Property-Protection of Purchasers) of 1997 (S.I. No. 204/1997). A company must communicate to the consumer all contractual conditions and information covered in the advertising rules of the distance sale (CONC 2.7.2 R to CONC 2.7.5 R) in a permanent medium 1. This information must be made available to the consumer in a timely manner and made available before the consumer is bound by a remote sales contract or offer. (b) be sure of the premises or parts of the premises where records relating to a transaction relating to the remote sale of a financial service are recorded or where the official reasonably believes that such recordings are required; 5. The supplier retains, in a sustainable and inviolable form, a copy of all information provided to a consumer about a remote contract or a proposed remote contract for the provision of a financial service.