Dish Network Customer Service Agreement

Dish sucks! They have reduced the number of tuners available for registration on their dvr, so that customers in large homes like mine cannot record without confusing what someone else is observing. Dish also stated that we owe them an additional $126 while we are aware of our payments. This morning, they stopped our service until it was paid, and then they returned for a 9-day extension, at a time when the $126 they wrongly claimed that we should be accountable is not paid because I do not pay and I do not pay what I do not owe. I went back to Directv around 2000 of Dish and reading reviews and reviews from other sites, I can see that they had the most trouble with customer service. Never dare to try to cancel their service, they are not very polite. I might think I`d try them again, but it`s now a definitive NO and it`s never going to be in the future. Now that ATT owns Directv, they are much easier to manage. I ordered just 2/10/2017 hopper 4k etc. The image quality for sports games is terrible (blury) it is ok if slow motion or a close-up, but watching a basketball game, the football game or the football game the players become blurry, my eyes look.

I`ve had tv directly before (perfect picture) and xfinity Comcast (good picture). Tech dish spent 5 hours trying to fix to the installation, no help, they sent another technology the next day: no help, they sent a 3rd technician /court supervisor. The superior could not fix the ant told me the picture was blurry, but told court that the image was in order. I was told I had 30 days of cancellation, they told me I had to pay $480 to have an early termination fee. BE WARNED, INCLUDING EVEN TRY DISH IF YOU WANT TO WATCH SPORTS, YOU`LL BE SORRY!!! In November 2016[update], the company offered 13.7 million television services and 580,000 broadband subscribers. [16] As rated in the world dish 4.5 stars, I want to know!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps the worst customer support of a U.S. company and feds should investigate because it has deceived customers by poor service, outdated hardware and ignorance of customer calls when systems and hardware do not work. I pay my monthly bill, but I don`t get a reliable service… That is the definition of fraud.

Call schedules are long and I have placed two reminder requests with hotline and no one ever calls you back.