Paws2Rescue Adoption Agreement

Haskal admits that she sees difficult cases and that there are many romanian rescue dogs delighted and happy, but she would warn against such an adoption for the first owners. ”If you`re an experienced dog owner who knows what you`re getting into and is willing to do a lot of behavioral work, with a professional if you have to, then yes, okay,” she says. ”But it`s not a bike with a flat tire that we can fix. There is no guarantee of behaviour because you work with a live animal. Adoption fees do not include the cost of castration, but we will castrate dogs for more than a year. There are older dogs that cannot be neutered because of their age. I just adopted a dog from Dana (Sparta) in Bosnia, which was brought home for a small fee by Travel for Paws, an excellent organization that kept me informed of my dog Brky`s trip. He`s been with me for 3 days now, and I`m so happy, an absolute dream, he didn`t shake the house at all, which surprised me because he was a street dog, I reset Dana`s dedication and the rehabilitation of his rescue dogs. I found the adoption of a relatively simple process other than a big enough wait for my boy to finally arrive at his eternal abode in Britain, I have absolutely no remorse for adopting a dog from a hellhole country where animals are concerned. General applications for adoption and dogs that are still pending in Romania are closed until further notice. Adoption costs vary depending on the rescue operation, However, adoption fees are usually between $250 and $300, which includes vaccines, flea, worm and tick treatments, micro-chipping and castration (if you adopt a puppy, if you adopt a puppy, castration will be your responsibility and a condition of your contract), as well as a full European passport and transport of your dog to your location.

All of this is in accordance with THE rules of DEFRA. All dogs are transported by specially equipped vehicles with on-board monitors for the entire journey. Oakwood rescue on the fields of Sutton torso have Rommies for adoption Sherry, There is a charity in Yorkshire called Rags to Riches who maintain Rommies in their own homes until they are ready for adoption. I have one of her dogs and she`s wonderful. More information can be found on your website. and details about the dogs currently available. They`re all beautiful! Sue Hi Sherry, I can of course understand your concern and desire for your local dog to meet any newcomer before continuing the adoption. There are many Romanian rescue dogs in care throughout Britain.

I`m not sure there`s anything special near you, but you could check out Good Roman`s Rescue Guide on Facebook and connect with someone on the spot. I hope it helps. Please take the time to read our adoption information before contacting us. Please email us at if you are interested in adopting one of our adopted dogs and we will send you the application form to complete. Hello, we picked up our new Rommie last Saturday 27th in the van. He looked brilliant in the pictures we saw. The breed of cross Jrt.However, if we were given to van we were questioned, we knew the leg injury that we did not . Broght him home in 2 Hiurs at emergency vets as a whole body and leg pulsating with troubled nerves.week later still treatment with a very expensive scan. Getting adoption money back from .265.Er falls over .. can`t walk properly and no one knows what happened. Our previous rommic no problems at all. If rescuers or transportation are insured for such things?we have insured it, but can not take 14 days.

Step one. Fill out our adoption application form. Once we have verified your application, we will discuss with you about the dog and discuss whether the dog would fit your lifestyle and your family. Please note that it is possible to keep the dog in a pe