Section 8 Highways Act Agreement

Under Section 38 of the Act, the road authority may enter into an agreement with a land developer on both sides or on both sides of a private road. [2] The Authority may agree to take over the road as a motorway which is passable at public expense when all road works have been carried out to its satisfaction, and the promoter agrees to carry it out within a specified time frame. It is customary for the developer to take out a loan for his performance with a bank or a real estate credit company. A section 278 agreement allows private developers to finance or complete work on public highways outside or outside the development site, such as. B reducing traffic and improving capacity. [3] The document is signed by the local road authority and the promoter to ensure that the work is completed to the satisfaction of the motorway authority. Under the 1999 National Assembly Regulation for Wales (delegation of functions), most references to the ”minister” are adopted to include the National Assembly for Wales. The law is divided into 14 parts covering 345 sections, it also includes 25 calendars. The first part contains sections 1 to 9 of the law. The legislation contained in these sections includes: . Private landlords sometimes show a reference to Section 31 when there is no dedication of a public priority right. [1] Highway 1980 (1980) is an Act of the British Parliament that deals with the management and operation of the road network in England and Wales.

It has been consolidated by changes to several previous acts. Many amendments relate only to changes made by road authorities to include new national parks and councils. Under the Local Government Act (Wales) 1994 and the Environment Act 1995, most references to local authorities will also include the councils and authorities of the national parks of Wales. .