Txtag License And Use Agreement

5 Frequently asked questions If you have a question that is not listed here, visit our website or contact the TxTag Customer Service Centre under I have a TxTag. Why did I get a bill? Your TxTag may not have been recognized and your license plate does not match an existing account. Contact the TxTag Customer Service Center so we can move your tolls to your TxTag account and update your information, including your license plate. You can also receive an invoice if there is not enough money in your TxTag account to cover the tolls. If you receive a toll from another toll booth, you must pay directly with that agency. You can avoid inconvenience and ensure that you pay the lowest toll rates in the state by installing a TxTag in all vehicles and keeping the license plate of each vehicle on your account up to date. Why am I being charged an injury fee? The infringement fee will be added to your toll if an invoice is not paid on time. In addition, on some toll roads, you will receive an injury notice instead of an invoice if you do not have enough money in your TxTag account to cover tolls, or if your day has not been read and the license plate does not match the license plate of your vehicle. To correct an injury or discuss an invoice, call the TxTag Customer Service Centre immediately.

Can I use my TxTag in more than one vehicle? No no. Because your TxTag sticker must be permanently mounted on your windshield, it can only be used in one vehicle and should not be moved between vehicles. If you have more than one vehicle in your family or household, you can order additional TxTags and manage them on an account. If you are connected to AutoPay, there will be no fee for the additional tags. How do I update my TxTag account information? What happens if I change the license plates? You can update your address, phone numbers, vehicles and license plate information online or by phone. DO YOU NEED HELP? W W.T X T A G.O R G 3 The Texas prepaid toll program is called TxTag. The TxTag is compatible with all toll roads in Texas. TxTag can also be used on toll roads in Kansas as part of the Central U.S. Interoperability Agreements between Texas and Kansas.

3 Use your TxTag Read the step-by-step guide in this kit to set up your day. Keep your TxTag in your vehicle and make sure your details are up to date on your TxTag account to avoid billing errors. You can use your TxTag on toll roads throughout Texas. Beware of the TxTag logo or these characters and symbols: Signage Logomark At this point, your TxTag does not work on international bridges and cannot be used to pay for parking at airports or garages. Express Lanes Signage Runners in Express tracks pay Collateral Logomark Collateral Collateral Logomark Collateral Knock Out Preferred, 2-Color 1- their toll without stopping. Devices above toll roads read the microchip in your toll shield and remove the toll from your prepaid account. Drivers without tolls receive a bill in the post office and are subject to higher tolls. Express tracks have no tolls, ticket machines or toll roads. Keep an overview of your TxTag account balance You need to monitor your account to make sure you have enough money to cover your toll costs. You can check your TxTag account balance and transactions online or over the phone.

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