Candy Cart Hire Agreement

Sweet Cart Hire also requires a £50 security deposit with the final balance and it will be fully refunded within one week of the event, unless there is damage or loss of Sweet Cart Hire Cart or equipment. If you don`t ask us, Sweet Cart Hire reserves the right to take photos of the equipment rented for advertising purposes. It is the responsibility of customers to obtain permission from the venue and to ensure that there is sufficient space for the sweet car at the venue. If you don`t ask us, UpStylePhotos reserves the right to take pictures of rented equipment and your customers who use them for advertising purposes. A reservation with UpStylePhotos means that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. These rental terms can be changed by UpStylePhotos from time to time by UpStylePhotos, which informs the customer of the change. The message is considered given (whether it is actually received or not) if UpStylePhotos performs one of the following steps to the customer: Send the change to any address (including an email address) indicated by the customer, post the amended terms on its website Once we have provided the rental equipment, you are responsible for it and we will not be responsible for any loss or damage. The customer takes full responsibility for losses or damage to the supplier`s equipment caused by misuse of the equipment by customers, employees or their customers. If you do NOT need sweets do not choose candy in the drop-down box and you will only pay for the rental of the basket. While we understand that schedules may change on the day of the event, the rental period begins on the agreed date (agreed before the event). The goal is to ensure that we can meet the needs of other customers, as there may be other events at the same time as the customer`s events. All our appliances are cleaned before delivery and checked for damage. Any damage to the car, Ferris wheel or other rental equipment ends in a tax.

Children should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult when choosing and eating candy, cotton candy and popcorn. Some glass accessories and works used on cars can be a hazard to young children. Sweetests Candy Carts Occasions are not responsible for any liability. They confirm that children are properly monitored when selecting and consuming candy, cotton candy and popcorn.