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Ethics: When reporting on human studies, indicate whether the procedures applied comply with the ethical standards of the Committee responsible for human testing (institutional or regional) and the 1975 Declaration of Helsinki, revised in 2000 (available under For prospective studies conducted on human participants, authors are expected to mention the approval of regional/national, institutional or independent ethics committees or the review committee, obtain the informed consent of adult research participants, and obtain the consent of children over 7 years of age participating in the study. The age at which an influx would be required may vary depending on regional and/or national guidelines. Ensure the confidentiality of subjects by not mentioning the names, initials or hospital numbers of participants, especially in illustrative material. When notifying animal testing, indicate whether the guide of the body or a national research council for or a national law on the care and use of laboratory animals has been complied with. Evidence of local ethics board approval (for human and animal studies) must be provided by authors upon request. The methods of animal testing must be as humane as possible and the details of the anaesthetics and analgesics used must be clearly indicated. Ethical standards for testing must comply with CPCSEA guidelines and the Helsinki World Medical Association Statement on Ethical Principles for Human Medical Research for Studies in Laboratory Animals or Humans. The review will not consider ethically unacceptable work. A statement on the ethics committee`s authorization and ethical practices must be included in all research articles in the ”Materials and Methods” section.

Discussion and conclusions Brief summary of your data, results of this study compared to other similar studies in the literature, the strengths and limitations of this study, practical and policy implications or implications for future research. Other types of health research: Check the EQUATOR website for appropriate reporting policies The International Committee of Journal Physicians recommends a checklist for the author.