Brady Agreement Brexit

The Brady amendment calls for the adoption of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the political declaration, provided that the backstop for Northern Ireland is replaced by alternative rules to avoid a hard border. The Prime Minister has made it clear that she is ready to seek changes to the text of the Withdrawal Agreement, which she has previously ruled out on the grounds that the EU would never consider it. B. A no-deal Brexit with a possible minimalist transitional customs clearance agreement (as long as the UK does not unilaterally apply other technical standards, the type of customs clearance procedures applicable to Norway and Switzerland would be sufficient, even under WTO rules) and a transitional MRA to avoid a total disruption of supply chains. They insist on concrete legislative changes to the 585 LLP withdrawal agreement. ”The Withdrawal Agreement is and remains the best and only way to ensure an orderly exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union,” said European Council President Donald Tusk. The House of Commons is also backing a non-binding amendment to reject a no-deal Brexit, as the EU says the withdrawal agreement ”is not open to renegotiation” After the devastating defeat of its draft withdrawal agreement, when more than 100 of its own MPs opposed it, it now looks like it can secure a majority in favour of an approach that could revive this plan – the operational word is certainly ”could”. In an interview with BBC News shortly after a series of parliamentary votes, Sir Graham Brady said his victory would now give the prime minister the opportunity to return to Brussels and seek ”material changes” in her Brexit deal. The chairman of the 1922 Committee claimed that a ”fairly good majority” for the UK to leave the EU with a deal had finally broken the political deadlock in Britain.

He said: ”This leaves the government with the possibility to negotiate alternative agreements, but it was specific under the terms of the amendment that these agreements must ensure that the Irish border remains open, as both sides wanted. The UK would also lose the trade deals it had with other countries as an EU member, all of which would have to be renegotiated in addition to the new deal with the EU itself. ”The Prime Minister will now return to Brussels to look for some substantial changes to the Withdrawal Agreement, but she will do so on the basis of tangible evidence that there is a majority in favour of an outcome in the House of Commons, that it is possible, with these changes to the backstop, that we can get something through and move forward. Two weeks after MPs overwhelmingly rejected their withdrawal agreement, Theresa May`s Brexit strategy faces a new, crippling blow on Tuesday. Politico Europe`s Charlie Cooper made the point in a tweet yesterday. It should be noted that the Brady amendment supports an option already available to the UK under the Withdrawal Agreement. The prime minister could still convince Brexiteers on Tuesday night to back the Brady amendment if she toughens her promise to demand changes to the withdrawal agreement herself that would repeal the backstop. But this would make it virtually impossible to reach an agreement in Brussels. Last year, the UK and the EU agreed that such a measure was necessary to fulfil the Good Friday peace deal, but Conservative Brexiteers, who oppose it, believe that this measure could permanently commit the UK to a customs union and separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. .

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