Security Plus Service Agreement Nissan

Unlike other service providers, Security+Plus is designed exclusively for Nissan owners and is backed by Nissan. These plans offer inexpensive, soothing protection against mechanical breakdowns after your new factory vehicle`s limited basic warranty expires. A 0% consumer financing plan is available without qualification requirements. With three levels of safety and coverage more available, Nissan owners can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Take advantage of the warranty that you have to pay out of pocket to repair covered components. After the factory basic warranty for new vehicles expires, you can continue with Security+Plus with the certainty that you are safe from the unexpected. Only a few of the great benefits you`ll experience with Security+Plus are listed below. Contact our finance department at Big Nissan for full program details. A: 3 of the 4 available plans offer the identical service recommended by Nissan in your maintenance and service manual. A: A vehicle service contract differs from the factory coverage that comes with your new vehicle. This is a specific agreement between you and the contract provider, in this case Nissan, to repair your vehicle for covered breakdowns. All Nissan vehicles come with a 36-month or 36,000-mile factory warranty, as well as a 60-month or 60,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. When it expires, you don`t have protection against failures or failures.

Nissan Security+Plus contracts ensure that the parts and work required to replace or repair mechanical systems covered in your vehicle are paid. Also add any applicable transfer fees (in the form of a check or payment order to be made to Nissan North America, depending on the state). Wait 4 to 6 weeks before the transmission takes effect. A new agreement will be sent to the new owner. Q: I just bought a security+Plus policy with troubleshooting. How can I get a service if my car breaks down? Q: Where can I make my Maintenance+Plus insured vehicle wait? A: Call (800) 225-2476 for 24-hour national troubleshooting. In the event of a mechanical breakdown if you are 100 miles or more from home, an emergency trip/trip interruption is also planned. You will find detailed information in your service contract.

Disclaimer: *Only Gold Preferred and Silver Preferred Plans Preferred. Except your deductible. Complete information on covered components and excluded components can be found in the Security+Plus Vehicle Service Contract, component Coverage Guide or contact your Nissan dealer on site. ✝ factory-trained Nissan Technicians use Nissan parts specifically designed for your vehicle with special diagnostic devices….