Standard Holiday Rental Agreement

Establishing a list of booking rules and conditions is not the most rewarding part of running a holiday home, but they are a must. They are a professional way of saying what guests can and cannot do, what is expected of them and what the possible consequences are if the rules are flouted. Other sites make the user take positive steps to confirm that he has read, understood and accepted the agreement. For example, websites may have a pop-up field containing the entire agreement. The user must scroll to the end of the agreement and then inject a box (which otherwise is not enabled) to say, ”I have read and understood this agreement and I agree to be bound to it”. This is called the ”Clickwrap” agreement. Below is a template of terms and conditions to use as a guide. As all holiday apartments are different, it is very likely that you will need to add other clauses specific to your individual property. Do you have a list of everything in your holiday item – just in case something is damaged, broken or stolen.

The list shows customers that you are a professional operator – and can even prevent parties, damages and people from removing items. Use this list for home inspection if a customer leaves. We`ve added a simple template to make it easier for you to enter. Holiday apartments are currently receiving a lot of attention from the Australian authorities. Laws vary from place to place and are constantly updated. Therefore, an important first step for owners or managers of a holiday apartment is to check local laws to ensure that they are compliant.